Jack Guinane

I’m Jack Guinane,
a developer and designer currently studying Computer Science.

Github Resume Email or scroll down to see what I’ve been working on.

Book Club

A website to record books for my family’s book club.

Knowledge Tree Consulting

Website design & development for a consulting firm.


An inventory tracking app commissioned by Etobicoke Iron Works.

Coffee for Fuzzy Logicians

A Fuzzy Expert System for at-home coffee brewing.

Quinn Smith

A personal bio/resume website for my developer friend.

Web-based Windows

An experimental, brutalist website that imitates early Windows operating systems.


A gaze-based operating system, built as the cumulative project for Human-Computer Interaction.

Ratings Remover

A Chrome extension that removes ratings from Letterboxd to keep movies from being spoiled.

Quinn Pollock

A personal website from my friend, used to host their ideas and projects.

Magic Smike

Dashboard for IoT smart bike project.

Time Feel

A simple web app that gives you a feel for what time it is.


A website for spotting rad houseplants, and cataloging how to care for them.

Digital Business Card

A super-tiny personal website, stored in the URL itself.


Web-menu for a fictional coffee shop.

The Report

A pretend newspaper for a D&D game.


An IoT cat feeder, for the grade 12 cumulative AP Computer Science project.


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